Me and Mariah Go Back Like Babies With Pacifiers

Yes. Mariah No-Middle-Name Carey is getting honored with a hip-hop award. And she deserves it. … More Me and Mariah Go Back Like Babies With Pacifiers


God Bless the USA

On Friday, I went to the Newseum for a class trip. During my time alone, I made it a point to go to the portion of the museum that is dedicated to the journalism produced during the tragedy. I went to the dark screening room, where the film “Running Towards Danger,” discusses the acts of … More God Bless the USA

Happy B’Day!

Happy Beyoncé Day! On this day in 1981, Mathew and Célestine Knowles birthed a legend. Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter. LITERAL creator of Blue, Rumi and Sir. Enemy of yellow light. Thief of Thursday nights. Elusive Twitter User. They didn’t know their pageant girl would break records and set trends. That she’d set a standard in music. Or … More Happy B’Day!

4:44 Highlights

Born in the Marcy Housing Projects in Brooklyn, a drug dealer in the height of the crack epidemic, Jay-Z is one of the most talented people not just in rap, but in music, in business. Jay’s story could’ve gone so many ways, but where did it end up? At the Songwriters Hall of Fame, with … More 4:44 Highlights