Young Ariana Runs Pop

Happy 24th Birthday to the best pop girl under 30, Ms. Ariana Grande-Butera.

When I was in my older teens, I remember catching a glimpse of Victorious. Like any Dan Schneider production, it was above the standard for teen shows. Even though Victoria Justice played the title character, it was clear her co-stars outperformed her. During the iCarly/Victorious crossover Cat Valentine, Grande’s character, had to talk with the help of her phone. Typical for a character like Cat, who was known for her red hair and ditzy one liners.

But then the end of the episode Cat came out with this:

And I was like omg Ariana Grande can like sing, sing.

I fell into a abbitr hole of Ariana videos on Youtube and then I found out that she had the range. Like she really was a true triple threat, and the world needed to know.

Then she dropped The Way and it’s been hit since then.

And while many compare her to Mariah, in my opinion, she’s just like Christina. Racially ambiguous (she’s Italian, not Latina), a love for the melisma and a catalog with a variety of genres. Not to mention she’s Xtina approved.

But tbh she’s one of a kind. No one else is singing like Ariana. She runs her age group. She created the ponytail.

So Happy Birthday to my favorite current pop star, and here are some of my fave AG hits.

Apple Music 


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