Song of the Week: Heatstroke

We don’t deserve Calvin Harris.

I thought “Slide” was a perfect masterpiece, but “Heatstroke” is even better.

Like yes, we needed Migos and Frank Ocean on the same track. It makes sense. It’s not a weird collab.

But Heatstroke?? Heatstroke takes it to another level. Ariana Grande, Pharrell are features on a Young Thug song. Produced by Calvin Harris. Wild. Insane and still good. Like Jeffery doesn’t share the verses. As someone who has never been a big Young Thug fan, I enjoy this because I can actually understand what he’s saying.


But the pop lover in me is obsessed with the chorus. Pharrell’s falsetto and Ariana’s soprano is really out of this world on the course. The contrast is perfect and their voices really fit. Although, all I could think when hearing them sing, was how much I want a Neptunes-produced Ariana Grande song.

Calvin Harris is more known for his dance songs, like “We Found Love” or “How Deep is Your Love,” but there are no hints of EDM on his recent releases. This song is straight up R&B. The hook is sung by real vocalist who don’t sleep walk through it. And even better, Harris doesn’t use generic rappers. There’s nothing cheap or commercial about “Heatstroke” which adds to how good it is. It’s clear that Calvin had a vision for what he want this song to sound like.

The summery sound of both “Slide” and “Heatstroke” makes me excited for the rest of the tracks that Calvin is going to bless us with in time for Summer.

Give it a listen now!


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