Today is where your book begins

Okay-I’m not a teenager and I haven’t even killed anyone yet.

But I have a blog now!

“Have you started your blog yet?”

After years being asked this question and putting it off I’m finally taking the leap to start my blog. I have always been nervous that nobody would really care about what I had to say about anything, but so many people have told me that they love my tweets, or text me when they have a pop culture question.

And in the past year, three people have asked me to consult on some commentary about music.

It was becoming obvious to me that I wasn’t using my voice. Who cares if people are listening, I would be wrong to not use a gift that was given to me.

So that’s how I got here. After months of trying to find the right platform, the right look and what to actually say, I’m ready to share my endless stories and rambles with the world.




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